No resolutions for us...

Why we don't do New Years Resolutions...

Usually at the beginning/end of a year we like to set some new personal resolutions, of things we would like to change or achieve. This year however, we really like who we are becoming and decided instead to focus our year on being as present as we can in the midst of life. 

Here are some things we are focusing on instead: 

1. Embracing the unknown and ambiguous.

Quelling our need for answers and certainty so that we can let creativity flow.

2. Accepting ourselves, flaws and all!

Redefining how we see ourselves and others through love and acceptance.

3. Prioritising and enjoying the journey not just the destination.

Living not just for accomplishments but for the love of it.

4. Living our purpose.

Living in such a way that is good for mankind and for our own hearts!

Later on this year we will be doing another giveaway to schools in need. Keep an eye on social media and our newsletter for more details! We cannot wait.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and the children who need it most. Our hearts are so warmed by the authentic human beings we meet each day who love us and support us.

Some of you have already shared your amazing 2017 intentions on our social media, and we LOVE reading them. Keep em coming! 

Here's to a great year ahead of being more present and more human!

Jason & Jess

(The FRANK Team)



January 11, 2017 by FRANK Stationery

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