10,000 reasons to feel stoked
For the past two weeks our garage/office has been filled to the brim with 10,000 books that we are getting ready to give away this week. While it’s always in my mind that for every book we sell, we are going to then give a school book away, it becomes much more real when I have a huge pile of school books staring me in the face.

When we started FRANK, it was out of the conviction that every kid deserves a fair start in life. We wanted to make a tangible positive change in kiwi kids lives, and chose the buy one, give one model, as we loved the thought that as we grow, our impact grows alongside it.
I had what I would call a very privileged upbringing. While my family was not wealthy, I never went without any of the basics that I needed and was effectively given everything I needed to succeed in life. I didn’t have to earn or work for the right to get a great education; it was just given to me. For this reason, a big part of why we give is that I know so much of what I have received in life is from what other people have given me. FRANK is our opportunity to pass that on to others.

While Jess and I get to do the physical giving of the school books, we are constantly aware that the real reason we can give back is because of everyone who purchases our products and all those who have supported us so consistently from the beginning. This is a big shout out to all of you that hold an item of FRANK in your hands. This is your doing and you should be very proud!

Giving day is always a really full day for us at FRANK. Normally filled with ALOT of packing boxes to send out to schools. I am always in two minds when we give back, firstly taking a moment to reflect on what we are doing and being proud that we are making a difference right now, and then I am also thinking about how we can make a bigger impact in the future. I think both of these thoughts are really valuable and I shouldn’t do one without the other, but with my mind always in the future thinking about how we can give more, it really is great for me to stop and realize that we are actually doing what we set out to achieve.
It was only in September last year that we were able to give back 10,000 books to a bunch of really amazing schools in our Mt Roskill neighbourhood and throughout wider Auckland. It was an epic experience where we got to meet a lot of teachers and students face to face and hand out the books.

Getting to do it again but this time extending our reach further throughout the North Island brings so much excitement to us. We know that outside of Auckland are some of the most desperate schools in need. So to be able to donate 10,000 schoolbooks to those that need it most is an amazing achievement for us.

We couldn’t have done it all on our own though! For this give, we have teamed up with School Kit who works with NZ teachers and they have recommended the schools that we are giving to. We are also so lucky to have Post Haste and Go Sweet Spot join the party by covering the cost of sending all the books out to the schools. This is such an amazing support to us and we are so thankful for both these companies contribution.
Today I reflect on the fact that we are doing what we set out to do, we are making a difference right now and together with all the other amazing people that it takes to educate a child, we are helping to give them the best possible start in life.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported us, I look forward to giving back thousands more books to children all over NZ in the years to come.

June 14, 2016 by FRANK Stationery



Olivia said:

WOW…you are guys are amazing!! I so enjoy writing in the beautiful journals you have designed, knowing that I too have played a small part in helping those in need. So well done…you are an example for some many businesses out there and look forward to seeing your reach expand across NZ and beyond. xx


Cam said:

Hey, So great to hear that all the books were ready to be given away! I really appreciated what you guys doing for the children there! Since our last meeting in Canton Fair, I always telling other client that there is a company named Frank which offers great opportunity for children in poverty who deserve better education!!!! Hope more and more book will be given away in the future!

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