Why I created a journal on thoughts...

About 12 months ago, I became aware of something. It was present in my work, in my social media and mostly in my conversations. In fact it was so present that as I saw it in myself, I saw it in others.

It’s was more than just an insecurity or the occasional ‘low self-esteem day’. It was the heavily practiced, well-versed way of thinking badly about ourselves, about others and about the things that we do. The automatic response to lean into something negative.

Inner page of the Beautiful Thoughts notebooks with a quote opening a week a reflections

It’s pretty normal to have insecurities, after all we are all human and that means embracing the fact that we are not perfect. But what I’m talking about is this practice of negativity, which we so readily embrace and call ‘normal’.

What used to be the occasional negative thought, digs it’s heels down deep into our heart and mind and becomes the lens in which we see everything. When did things get like this? When did I give permission for these ugly, nasty thoughts to decide how I think, live and operate? Sometimes it’s not a conscious decision to allow some thoughts to become over-stayers in our minds, sometimes they are put there by someone else, or they sneak up on us and rear their heads when we fail extra hard at something. The problem is they stay so long that it feels normal. For some of us, critical is our normal, depressed* is our normal, stress is our normal, and negativity is our normal.

After this discovery I wanted to create a journal that helped me and the people around me create a ‘new normal’. I wanted to create a reflective process that turned our minds into our friend instead of our enemy. So that cultivating and living with Beautiful Thoughts becomes our daily practice.

Inner page of the Beautiful Thoughts notebook with "This week my beautiful thought is..."

Marcus Aurelius said in 180AD “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Imagine if our thoughts uplifted us, empowered us, believed the best in us? Imagine if they were 'good quality'? What would happen if you knew your mind was safe and that it would comfort you and reassure daily? 

How vastly different would our lives look? How different would we feel? How much more compassionate would we be toward ourselves and to others?

As I researched, tested and wrote, I felt it was important to do this journal. I asked around and got feedback from some amazing people about their own beautiful thoughts. I thought I would include a small snippet of their beautiful thoughts (which can be found in the journal too.)


  • “Today, I will choose to affirm and believe in myself, regardless of what others say about me”

  • “Just because I have always thought this way, doesn’t mean I have to keep thinking this way. I can create a new normal.”
  • “I can choose what I think, and today I think I am beautiful”

  • “I am proud of myself. I am making small changes which will eventually turn into big changes.”


Meditating, sitting with, and reminding ourselves of these beautiful thoughts is a great way to form a new habit of thinking. 

This journal is more than being mindful about what our mind is doing. It’s about intentionally practicing a new reality through thinking differently. This is real change, and real work, but something that has benefited my life since the day I started to create it.

Beautiful Thoughts notebook on bed with laptop and other notebooks

In many ways, I created this journal for myself, but I know that I am not alone in my experiences. My hope is that this way of reflecting will bring real change to anyone out there that decides to use this journal.

I hope that your mind becomes the most beautiful place, in which you dwell.

Thanks for reading,


*Please note: The is journal was made with the help of our wider FRANK Family. The contents of this journal & blog post are not to be taken as expert advice but are tried and tested tips from our personal experience only.


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