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I almost added this journal to my January favourites, but I thought it deserved a post of its own..

I thought with it being January, now is the perfect time to talk about diaries and journals because I don't know about you, but I tend to go a bit stationery mad in starts with one diary and always seems to spiral out of control! I actually came across this journal when I was scrolling through instagram, I fell in love instantly with it and couldn't not have it in my life! Thankfully, they left a link in the caption of the picture, that sent me straight to the website, and I bought it then and there, without any second thought! I mean, can we just take a moment to talk about how gorgeous this journal is! I love everything about it, the pink and white is perfect and the gold writing is just the cherry on top of it all! (Calm down Jemma..!)
This cute little journal is from a little stationery shop called Frank Stationery, I had never come across it before as I believe it is based in New Zeland, which is quite far from home! I had a little browse through their website though, and found some really amazing bits! If you're a lover of stationery I really do recommend them, as they have so many amazing pieces, that are the best quality and you can tell have been designed with so much thought! (Not sponsored by the way, in case you were wondering!)
(UPDATE: The journal is no longer available online! - Hopefully they bring it back soon?!)
Picture of open pink 2016 Journal on a desk. Open to January
The diary itself is thick as it has a day per page - which is perfect for storing all of my thoughts! There's also space to write about what you're thankful for, how productive you have been, your monthly reflections and so much more! There are also little quotes to go with each month, which I think is such a motivational way to start the month!
The thing I like best about this company is their 'you buy one, we give one' policy. It basically means that every sale they get, they give a product (things like books) to schools and children who live in poverty in New Zeland. I think this is an amazing idea, providing children with the tools they need to learn can help them to get out of poverty - So I'm glad I've provided a small helping hand! (You can read more about this policy here)
There you have it, I hope you enjoyed this short review! As you can tell, I'm so in love with this product and I wanted to share that with you. If you still haven't found the perfect diary - I think this is the one! (it certainly is for me..) If I've tempted you enough you can find the pink and white journal here!
March 06, 2016 by FRANK Stationery

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