We believe that by being fully, uniquely ourselves – we can make more of a meaningful difference in the world around us. So whenever you purchase a book from us, a school book gets donated to a child in need.

Currently, 295,000 children in New Zealand live in poverty while approx. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty.

Every book that get’s donated not only supports children in need, but equips schools to be able to provide the best education possible.

Every time you buy from us, a school book is donated to a child in need.

We have given over 75,000 school books to kids in need across New Zealand.

Giving Partner

Schoolkit are experts at helping us identify the schools who are most in need of school books.

They are passionate believers that teachers are awesome and believe all teachers are a multi-skilled, multi-tasking set of professionals who change lives!


“Thank you so much for all the stationery. It will be put to good use by all our students, who are very appreciative of any tools that will support their learning. As a low decile school stationery is often provided by teachers, your generosity has alleviated this for students as well as providing valuable resources for our learners. ”

Customised Notebooks

If you’ve got a business event or conference coming up, we can customise our notebooks with your logo. Everyone will love knowing that for every notebook you buy, a kiwi kid receives a school book to further their education.

Order Custom Notebooks