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My schooling days were full of scratched knees, silly crushes on boys, swapped lunches, and fresh new stationery at the beginning of each year. Now, my knees stay pristine and untouched, my crushes are on just one boy, and my lunches are saved just for me. The one thing that hasn’t changed, though, is new stationery - waltzing into my life at the beginning of every important milestone.

I am a self confessed notebook hoarder. There, I said it! And, I know I’m not alone. Ever since I was 8 years old I have been writing, drawing, and recording my life in notebooks. This has created in me a habitual need to write down, unpack and stand back from my thoughts, ideas and feelings. To be able to write and read has been one of the greatest privileges ever afforded to me; one that many people are unfamiliar with.

As stationery lovers, our hearts break at the knowledge that many kids in our community are starting school a step behind their peers – no excitement over fresh new school books, no first page to fill with their neatest handwriting, nowhere to document all the things they’ve learnt.

 Over 1 in 4 kiwi kids are living in poverty - the basics, like schools books, a luxury many families can’t afford.

You can read more about child poverty here »

Since our last giving day in 2016, we had our eyes set on doubling our giving amount; so we are thrilled to announce our partnership with School Kit and Go Sweet Spot (two awesome organisations we’ll talk more about later) to bring 20,000 school books to 200 schools on the first day of term two this year. If you’re not up to play with the dates of school terms – this is today!


We are thrilled to announce 20,000 school books have been donated to 200 schools on the first day of term two this year.

If you’re not up to play with the dates of school terms
– this is today!


Being part of the global FRANK community, you know that we are big on beautiful stationery with a purpose. What you may not know is that by choosing FRANK as a medium to plan, scheme, and dream with - you have given a school kid the opportunity to do the same!

 Each item you’ve bought from us has allowed a school book to be donated to a child in need. This has enabled us to give over 45,000 school books, in the past few years, to those knee scrapped, boy/girl crushing little humans running about on the playgrounds of New Zealand.


In the spirit of gratitude, we would like to thank our partners School Kit; who have cleverly helped us identify which schools need the books the most, and Go Sweet Spot; who’ve generously helped us deliver the books to the schools in need. But, our most important partners have been YOU! As you write in your FRANK notebook at your local cafes, in your work meetings, and your university lectures - imagine little hands learning to write their first sentences, the mathematicians in the making solving complicated times tables, and, most of all, the beautiful young minds whom you have inspired and equipped for a better life.

Thank you for using FRANK in the pursuit of your dreams, the writing of your thoughts, and the making of your plans! Keep going - you’re helping kiwi kids do the same.

Jess (FRANK Founder)

May 01, 2017 by FRANK Stationery

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If you’ve got a business event or conference coming up, we can customise our notebooks with your logo. Everyone will love knowing that for every notebook you buy, a kiwi kid receives a school book to further their education.

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