Great ways to get your day started.

Mornings can be tough, especially when you wake with that heavy feeling, knowing how much you have to achieve in one day. Whether it be tackling a big list of tasks, facing that scary meeting or just feeling low in general, starting your day with something different can be a great way to get you into the right rut for the day ahead. 

At FRANK, we have got into the habit of starting our day by narrowing down our 3 most essential tasks for the day. We have used this technique to start our days for the last few years and it's been an amazing way to feel empowered and to reduce the 'overwhelm' that can come when your list is huge!

We've spent time creating the To Do notebook as way to share with you a practice that has helped us do our best. The notebook includes the top 3 exercise as well as a daily to do layout that helps you start your day right. It's not about doing as much as possible, but rather about doing what you can do, really well.  

We asked around for some cool ways others start their days and got so inspired that we wanted to share them with you here:

"As a solo, independent musician I go through periods of feeling quite isolated in my work. When things get tough I need to be my own coach, and help myself. One way I do this is by sending myself emails late at night that I will see when I check my inbox the following morning. They're usually blank emails with a friendly subject, or even just reminders that include smiles, like "9AM meeting :)))) xxx" Recently I had a full day set aside for media interviews about my new album release. I just sent myself an email that said "You don't need to impress anyone."

Lydia Cole, Musician

"Cuddles with the husband and meditation! I love pre-paving the day with good, happy and clear vibes because it's easier to build momentum for a good happy day from there. I've come to love meditation and it's such a part of me now. I do feel the difference when I don't do it - I'm more susceptible to feeling grumpy, stressed or be reactive to things when I don't. When I start the day clear, happy, calm and feeling good it's easier to see things from a broader perspective throughout the day. I'm also mindful of what I allow myself to think in the morning - I try not to think of worries, problems or look at the news in the morning. I believe it matters what momentum I get going in my mind when I start the day." 

Meghan Jackson, Artist

"I really cherish having lots of time before [ my husband ] goes to work. We have an hour and a half together where all we really do is eat breakfast and drink coffee (it takes like a minute for each of us to actually get ready for work, so that's never a time-sucker). 

I'm [also] trying to spend time in meditation/prayer/journalling before I start my 'work day'. As the day goes on all the things I wanted to do seem to go out the window with the pressure or work and unexpected extras. So to be able to make time for mediation before all that happens, and to give myself some care, is really beneficial."

Candice Hindriksen, Digital Designer & Web Developer

"I start with coffee!!!!! And usually a workout. I love doing high intensity training before 7am to get me pumped up for the day."

Olivia Moor, Jewellry Designer

"I love a good, mindful stretch in the morning, it gently wakes me up and makes me feel light and focused."

Corinne Tan, Photographer

"I go for a swim at the london aquatics centre then go get the best flat white in town nearby and sit in the park and write in my notebook!"

Claire Littler, 


 You got this. x

September 19, 2017 by FRANK Stationery

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