Creative Inspiration with Marie Wade

We spent some time with the very talented Marie Wade to pick her brain about what keeps her inspired!
An extremely talented Illustrator and creative, Marie spends her time creating beautiful creatures and spending a lot of time around paint!

Picture of Marie Wade standing in her studio

Marie Wade

FRANK: Tell us about your creativity journey

Marie: From what I can recall it started with graffiti art when I was like 11. I would always have paper and pencils and if not I would take it to the desk. I was never into the academics so would draw my way through high school. I got a really detailed Yoda drawing done so I'm glad I took classics. I dedicated 7th form to the art and photography room and it paid off. 

I then went on to AUT to get a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Since then I went through a time of not creating while working in retail, need I say more?

FRANK: What does being 'creative' mean for you?

Marie: To be creative means everything to me, sounds like cheese but during the non-creating time it felt like I was someone else. It was a constant internal rage. I quit my job and devoted all my days to studio where I painted my way back to sanity. 

Marie Wade's hand painting an illustration

FRANK: What medium do you mostly use when being creative?

Marie: Originally I painted abjectly to expose emotions like disgust or embarrassment which probably came from a place of shy or meek tendencies. I felt I could barely share an opinion in a group setting, like Uni, without my heart hitting the person next to me. My art spoke not only a little louder than me but would confront. I enjoy the shock value you don't expect from me. 

I moved into custom watercolors as that's what the people wanted to buy. Through word and mouth I began painting buildings, animals and portraits for people. The cute and cuddly animals sell.. a wee compromise but I am really glad I did! I've recently tried to gore it up in my watercolors and am always longing to paint huge abject portraits.


Paints and paint palette on Marie Wade's Desk

Picture of Marie Wade's paintings and illustrations stacked up against a wall


FRANK: Tell us about your instagram! Its beautiful! @marieonthemoon

Marie: My instagram is a place where I share my travels and inspirations. I take my photos with a Pentax K1000 35mm Film camera and keep within a particular colourway. This is an internal world that comes out in snippits through art making.


We asked Marie to share one of her favourite quotes with us:

Image of Marie Wade's notebook that says. Step One: Wonder at something. Step Two: Invite others to wonder with you.

 You can follow more of Maries work here:

Instagram: @marieonthemoon
Facebook: Marie Wade Illustration
Online Store:




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